Jon has worked closely with clients over nearly 20 years to develop, refine and implement programs to optimize, control and monitor complex relationships with key business partners. Previously serving in leadership roles (e.g., as Senior Principal) for Big 4 and Recovery Audit Firms, Jon has gained significant experience and successes serving industry leaders from a multitude of industries, including Technology, Pharma, Entertainment and Media, Oil and Gas, Railroads, etc..  Mr. Kurtz marries complex data analysis, audit and consulting skills with a genuine desire, and track record helping clients solve complex problems.  Whether it be suppliers, licensees, franchisees or distribution partners, Mr. Kurtz has consistently enabled companies to recover and reduce profit leakage — $200MM in recoveries and immediate savings.
Mr. Kurtz has also served as an Expert Witness in legal disputes surrounding complex Licensing/Royalty Audit cases.

* CPA License currently inactive as we do not perform services that require an active designation.