We make contract compliance Simple!


We offer clients an end to end solution aimed and maximizing the risk mitigation, cash recoveries, future savings and business intelligence made possible through contract compliance. Of course, we can provide individual components of that solution as well, including the following:

  • Contract Portfolio Risk Assessment – Identify contract governance gaps and improvement opportunities, and prioritize contracts/business-partners for audits.
  • Contract Evaluation and Compliance Framework — We work with you and your business partners to clarify key requirements and expectations at contract onset, to avoid common non-compliance headaches later on.
  • Audits – Delivered at different tiers depending on specific risks, opportunities and contract rights:
    • “Discrete” – Conducted without the business partner involved in, or aware of the audit, as it focuses on internal client data only. Audit Clause/Rights not triggered or required.
    • “Desktop” – Performed with limited interaction with business partners. Audit Clause possibly triggered, but avoided if possible.
    • “Full Scope” — Formal reviews of business partners for compliance with contractual terms and client expectations, and to gain business intelligence. Audit Clause triggered.
  • Continuous Monitoring / Auditing – Scripts developed during audits are “operationalized” to monitor business partners continuously to detect non-compliance or elevated risk.
  • Out/Co-sourced Contract Compliance Program Management – Active management of the end-to-end, holistic contract compliance program, freeing up clients’ time for core responsibilities.
  • Audit Defense – Active management and rebuttal/dispute of audits conducted of our clients by their business partners.
  • Litigation and Dispute Services – Expert Witness and other roles in support of complex litigation.


1 Delivering Value
We’re confident in our ability to deliver value, and offer multiple pricing options that reflect that confidence (including fixed or hourly fees, contingent fees, or a blend of both).
2 Attractive Rates
Our low overhead, coupled with extensive use of data analysis tools, allows us to offer more
attractive rates than our competitors.
3 Our Fees
We take great pride in overdelivering, and are always upfront about the value we believe we can deliver.