About Us

Simplify CCS was founded by former ‘Big 4’, Industry and Recovery Audit leaders with a simple goal in mind: Be the premier provider of contract compliance and third party governance solutions.
At Simplify CCS, we’ve assembled a team of subject matter experts with significant knowledge, experience and capabilities, and coupled them with proprietary tools and techniques to optimize the value delivered and the level of assurance contract compliance services should provide.

Our teams are instilled with the following core principles:

  • Put the client first. Make the client, their compliance programs, and their people successful through the work we do.
  • Leverage dedicated professionals, industry specialists, leading technologies and key alliances to ensure seamless and consistent value — globally.
  • See the bigger picture. Behind every form of non-compliance there is usually an underlying issue or root cause –- fix it to deliver real value.

What this means practically is that our services are performed by resources averaging 15-20 years relevant experience that can include the following:

  • Industry Expertise – Our professionals have often operated from both sides of the table in Pharma/Biotech, Retail, Railroads, Licensing, Technology and Oil and Gas, just to name a few. They have built extensive credentials and success stories, and apply those same skills to benefit our clients.
  • Contract Compliance Expertise – Our delivery teams have extensive experience performing contract compliance reviews covering licensees, suppliers, customers, distributors & resellers, customers, joint venture partners, etc.. We have a track record for delivering results, including cash recoveries, future savings, enhanced governance controls (at our clients and their business partners) and improved contract terms.
  • Data Analysis – Through relational data analysis and automation, our teams are trained in data mining software we’ve customized to standardize compliance testing, flag exceptions, identify trends and remedy root cause issues.  This means less extrapolations of findings, more certainty of audit results, and more actionable insights.

A message from our Managing Partner

Our leadership team is known in the industry for delivering significant value to our clients and their business relationships. We are supported by a large team of audit, data mining and industry specialists both domestically and internationally through partnerships and key alliances.
With our delivery model, we provide the right, and most talented resources to both you and your vendors, channel partners and licensees — globally, and seamlessly.

Jon Kurtz

Jon has worked closely with
clients over nearly 20 years
to develop, refine and
implement programs to…

How We’re Different

By leveraging technology tools, we’re able to apply key trends and insights identified through relational data analysis to detect, prevent and even predict value leakage and contract non-compliance. Our techniques and tools, and key audit insights have been refined over nearly 20 years. Put simply, this allows our clients and their business partners to spend less time on audits, while providing assurances they can stand behind regarding recoveries due, savings or revenue opportunities, and true risk exposure.

More importantly, we’re able to do this consistently in a cash neutral, or ROI generating manner for our clients – where the root causes for issues identified actually get fixed.


Beware of “Contract Compliance Malpractice”
Many firms offering contingent or fixed fee audits narrowly focus testing, hoping to make money quickly and move on – – often without regard to the implications and false assurance this approach results in. Conversely, others exploit hourly rates, testing anything and everything, often inefficiently. We consider both “Contract Compliance Malpractice”, with very real and damaging consequences to these providers’ clients and their business partners.